Integrated Pain Relief Services in Denver

What is integrative pain medicine? The Academy of Integrative Pain Management defines it as “a model of care that is patient-centered, considers the whole person, encourages healthy lifestyle changes in the first line of treatment to restore wellness, is evidence-based and brings together all appropriate therapeutic approaches and clinicians to reduce pain and achieve optimal health and healing.” Integrative pain relief encourages a team approach to each patient’s care. At Prism Pain Management, we pride ourselves on creating a customized patient treatment plan.

Our Aurora and Thornton pain management specialists are available for a phone consultation to see if our whole-patient pain treatment approach is right for you. Call us today at 720-307-7246.
Doctor and patient consultation on Integrated Pain Relief in Denver

Integrative pain medicine covers a vast number of treatment approaches and medical disciplines.

That includes allopathic medicine as taught in medical schools, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), which includes chiropractic, massage, yoga, midwifery, naturopathy, and other health disciplines and practices, and integrative medicine (IM), which integrates all available and appropriate strategies and disciplines for the patient’s benefit.

Discover real, dedicated, effective pain management at Prism Pain Management. Our pain patients visit us from our  Aurora and Thornton locations. Call us today to learn more at 720-307-7246.
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