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Pain Treatment in Colorado

A Complex Medical Condition Needs Comprehensive Treatment

In reality, pain is a complex medical condition with serious social, psychological, physical and biological consequences. Allpria Healthcare has several board-certified physicians, including one of the very few pain doctors triple board-certified in anesthesiology, pain medicine, and addiction/substance abuse. Our doctors in Aurora and Longmont, CO attack the problem with evidence-based integrative pain relief therapies that consistently deliver positive results.

Once they find the underlying cause of your pain, treatments may include:
  • Pain block injections of nerve-numbing substances into a group of nerves (plexus or ganglion) that cause pain to a specific part of the body. Also called nerve blocks, they essentially stop the pain at its source.
  • Implanted pain devices that include spinal cord stimulator implants and dorsal root ganglion stimulation. (We are one of very few centers in Denver with this advanced capability.)
  • Psychological support throughout therapy.
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Discover real, dedicated, effective interventional pain management at Allpria Healthcare.

Our chronic pain treatment patients come to us from Denver, Aurora, Longmont and surrounding areas. Please call us at 720-307-7246 today to schedule your first pain treatment.

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