Mental Health

At Allpria Healthcare, we believe in a whole-person approach to mental health.

Chronic pain is both physically and emotionally stressful. In addition to interfering with your everyday life, it can affect your mood, thinking and behavior. It can disrupt your sleep, cause anxiety and/or depression and lead to addiction.

For many, treating the physical cause of pain may not be enough. That is why Allpria Healthcare provides mental health services as an important component of our overall care. We offer both cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). These individualized therapies can provide important insights to address specific issues, improve communication and decision-making, enhance relationships and reduce distress, discomfort and even physical pain. 

mental health

Our approach to wellness includes the following three steps:

Complete Assessment

By evaluating the physical, psychological and social factors impacting your health, we can customize the right therapeutic approach for your specific needs.

Personalized Treatment

Your personalized treatment plan may include medical interventions, behavioral health therapies or a combination approach.

Progress Monitoring

Our expert team will carefully monitor and evaluate your treatment over time to ensure you are progressing toward better overall health and well-being. 

Contact Allpria Healthcare

Allpria Healthcare offers mental health support at its centers in Thornton and Aurora, Colorado. We have a robust treatment list and our pain specialists work with each patient as a whole to determine the best and individualized plan. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at (720) 307-7246.

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