Hormone Replacement Therapy in Thornton & Aurora

As we age, our hormone levels decline. For women, this is especially true during menopause as your body stops producing estrogen. This can lead to symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal discomfort and more. For men, the decline of testosterone can lead to physical changes (such as weight gain, hair loss, lower energy levels, difficulty concentrating), emotional changes (low self-confidence or depression) and even changes in sexual desire and function. For many men and women, these symptoms can be severe.

Hormone replacement therapy at Allpria Healthcare in Aurora and Thornton, Colorado is a technique to replace the estrogen or testosterone that your body needs to control the symptoms and enjoy a better quality of life.

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Systemic hormone therapy is offered in many forms and contains a customized dose of that is absorbed by your body. At Allpria Healthcare, we perform this type of hormone therapy, as well as low-dose, targeted estrogen and testosterone preparations. We also recommend natural supplements that can improve the effects of your treatment and relieve symptoms.

Systemic estrogen can protect against osteoporosis, and is often used if a patient cannot tolerate or is not benefitting from other forms of bone treatment.

Testosterone can improve male sexual performance and reproduction, build muscle, maintain healthy levels of red blood cells and maintain bone density.

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Allpria Healthcare has hormone replacement centers in Thornton and Aurora, Colorado. We have a robust hormone list and our pain specialists work with each patient as a whole to determine the best and individualized plan. Schedule your hormone replacement therapy appointment today by calling us at
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